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FACT: Goose bumps which form on skin when the body is cold are created when muscles attached to hair follicles stand up, which causes hair in these follicles to also stand, creating a heat-trapping layer in the skin.

Human Reproductive Anatomy Rf Female

Some of the the chemotherapy drugs managed have unwanted side effects that include tachycardia, or fast heart rate. Trisenox, or arsenic trioxide, is utilized to treat extreme promyelocytic leukemia, after additional chemotherapies happen to be ineffective, that will cause fast heart rate, notices ChemoCare. Rituxin, or Rituximap, is another radiation treatment drug that can cause cardiotoxicity, which often manifests as unpredictable and/or rapidly heart rate, notes the Oncology Channel. Additionally , excessive usage of caffeine or perhaps alcohol also can cause fast heart rate, as can smoking, notes MayoClinic. com. Recreational drugs like marijuana can easily increase pulse by just as much as 50 percent, with respect to the amount of THC, notes the Missouri Section of Intellectual Health. Pot is sometimes applied medicinally through cancer individuals to fights impotence nausea in addition to vomiting.

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