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FACT: When foods are baked, fried, or roasted at high temperatures (think French fries and potato chips), a potential cancer-causing compound called acrylamide forms, a result of the chemical changes that occur in the foods. Studies performed on rats have shown that prolonged acrylamide exposure is a risk for multiple types of cancer. Human studies are ongoing; but even if the results are benign, it's healthiest to switch from French fries and potato chips to foods like mashed potatoes and pretzels.

Muscles Of The Thigh Labeled Anterior View

Nutritional restrictions can become a standard in case you suffer from CHF. You will need to curb your salt ingestion, since sodium promotes bloating and will intensify your signs and symptoms. The Florida Pacific Clinic website indicates 2000 for you to 3000 miligrams of salt content per day because the maximum permitted consumption when you have CHF. Other recommendation is that you simply avoid having large amounts connected with fluid. Average amounts of drinking water, juice or even decaffeinated tea and coffee are authorized.

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